Register your team

Register your team

Enter information about club name, hometown, team and your contact information. Order accommodation and cup cards separately by contacting us by mail or phone and we will send an invoice.


Registration fee 1 500 SEK. Last day for registration and payment is September 23, 2020, to Luleå Basketcentrum, bg 298-2254 (from Sweden) or IBAN – BIC SWEDSESS number SE8780000820160033535162 (from abroad). Please note that your registration is not valid before the fee has been paid.

Specify the payment with LBBG, team name, sex and age, for example “LBBG Gladan G04”. The registration is binding, no fee will be refunded if the team fails to attend the tournament. Teams that leave or otherwise suffer exclusion will not get the fee in return.

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